AI REGIO is a collaborative network of 13 regions and their corresponding Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and Competence Centres, which actively involves regional authorities and agencies, with a portfolio of several thousand SMEs and representing 15% of EU GDP.

The Four Motors of Europe regions:

  • Lombardy

  • Baden-Württemberg

  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

  • Catalonia


Leading edge European regions in terms of GDP, industrialisation and innovation, closely collaborate with and transfer knowledge and experience to nine other Vanguard Regions.

A Data4AI Open Source Platform, derived from I4MS Phase II and Phase III projects BEinCPPS, MIDIH and L4MS, will be integrated towards a DIH Innovation Collaboration platform.

The present toolkit of 64 AI-enabled technological assets, will further be extended by AI REGIO open call experiments. In total, we conduct more than 30 DIH-driven and SME-oriented application experiments under a common unified framework for ethical-social-business impact measurement, assessment and benchmarking.

AI REGIO follows the four-stages of the Vanguard innovation strategy:

Learn-Connect-Demonstrate-Commercialize by constantly aligning its methods with the AI DIH Network initiative and its assets with I4MS/DIH BEinCPPS Phase II and MIDIH/L4MS Phase III projects.


  • The excellent regional network and presence in the DIH ecosystem, which helps to build a one-stop-shop platform that enables access to resources for AI-based solutions in efficient and sustainable manufacturing

  • The strong connection with I4MS method and Vanguard Initiative’s Digital Transformation Policies.


AI REGIO will align VANGUARD digital transformation policies and programs with I4MS methods and tools, in order to create an interoperable network of AI DIHs, which will go beyond the 30 cases selected in the AI DIH Network of 13 initiatives.


AI REGIO focusses on the 4 Motors for Europe movement as the most advanced movement for cross-regional collaboration and extends it to the whole VI regions and beyond, thanks to the deployment of the I4MS Community and Innovation - Collaboration platform.


AI REGIO aims at materialising common EU policies on AI and their monitoring actions in concrete reference architectures and Open Platforms for AI at the same time preserving EU values such as expressed by GDPR and Data Sovereignty principles and involving SMEs thanks to an intense program of open calls.


AI REGIO aims at exploiting existing marketplaces of solutions and platforms by linking them with regional smart specialisations and local policies (metadata and linked data) towards an interoperable common EU Data Space for innovative AI solutions for manufacturing.