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The objective for the second open call of AI REGIO project is to select up to 17 SME-driven experiments:

10 Type A experiments: Single participant (SME) projects, applicable to TOPIC #1 and TOPIC #2
7 Type B experiments: Mini-consortia (SME + DIH + optional third partner), applicable to TOPIC #1, TOPIC #2 and TOPIC #3 (all the TOPICS)

These experiments will complement AI REGIO in the extension of the current portfolio of “AI for Manufacturing” solutions; extending the domains of the AI REGIO Champions; and benefiting directly SMEs in underrepresented regions, with the perspective to join VANGUARD InitiativeSelected SME or consortia will benefit from financial support of up to EUR 100.000.

2nd Open Call 3nd Webinar will be held on the 2nd of September, 2022 at 10:00 - 11:00 CEST. 

Experiments are expected to cover three technological topics:

  • TOPIC #1

Manufacturing Data Spaces and Data4AI pipelines

The main goal of TOPIC #1 proposals is to build embryonic Data Spaces for Manufacturing, while showing the benefits of enhancing the value of the manufacturing data, before they are used in advanced AI applications. Data originating from different data sources have different values for further analyses and are characterised by heterogeneous quality levels, so that a flexible and configurable Data Quality pipeline is needed. AI REGIO defines a high-level architecture for Data4AI applications and recommends the usage of end-to-end Data Pipelines. Proposals in this topic shall provide end-to-end business scenarios, reflecting real industry challenges and defining and measuring realistic data-driven business KPIs. In this perspective, it is expected that the application experiments provide their own datasets and the commitment of Manufacturing SMEs to define and measure the business benefits from Data4AI applications.

  • TOPIC #2

AI for Manufacturing Applications and AI-on-demand Platform contributions

TOPIC #2 embraces several areas such as Smart Manufacturing, Intelligent Product Service Systems, Agile and Dynamic Value Chains, Industry 5.0 and Human-AI interaction.
the AI REGIO wave 2 application experiments are expected to contribute to the Europe’s AI-on-demand Platform as a pan-EU one-stop-shop for AI knowledge, technology, tools, services and experts. The platform acts as a facilitator of knowledge transfer from research to multiple business domains, manufacturing among them.
The main goal of TOPIC #2 proposals is to develop advanced AI applications for Manufacturing Products, Processes, Value Chains, which could enrich the AI on demand platform in one or both of the following aspects:
• AI Assets, Case Studies in the Manufacturing Vertical of the AI4Europe Portal.
• AI Experiments and resources Marketplace of the AI4Europe ACUMOS-based experimental facility.

  • TOPIC #3

AI Didactic Factories for Manufacturing and TERESA Experimentations

The AI REGIO Network of Didactic Factories (DFs) aims at building an ecosystem of experimental facilities which could combine the Skills Development aspects of Learning / Teaching Factories with the hands-on “test before invest” Technology Piloting aspects of European Digital Innovation Hubs and AI TEF for Manufacturing calls in the Digital Europe Programme.
Additionally, in the AI REGIO DF network, TERESA could be operated with the aim to experiment ethical Human-AI interaction aspects related to e.g. safety, being, comfort and acceptance by human workers; improving working conditions in workplaces and social inclusion of particular disadvantaged workers’ categories.
The main goal of TOPIC #3 proposals is to develop an SME-driven experiment exploiting the Remotisation services provided by a DF (DIH). TERESA experimentations addressing Human-AI interactions and regulatory issues could be optionally implemented as well.

Key dates

Call Opening
Call Closing
09/09/2022 12:00 CET
Assignation of Evaluators
12/09/2022 - 23/09/2022
Communication of results
24/10/2022 - 26/10/2022
Sub-grant Agreements
27/10/2022 - 18/11/2022
Execution of Experiments
21/11/2022 - 14/07/2023

Who can apply?

The AI REGIO Open Call is addressed to digital and/or manufacturing SMEs, alone or associated in mini-consortia with Digital Innovation Hub (DIHs) and, eligible for Horizon 2020. Only one proposal will be accepted by each SME.

Therefore, two possibilities are considered:

Please check the Guide for Applicants to learn more.

More details will be presented in upcoming 2nd Open Call 3rd Webinar on 2nd of September 2022.


Proposal presented by a single organisation, namely  an SME.


Proposal presented by Mini-consortia composed of:

  • 1 manufacturing SME, as the leader of the consortium;

  • 1 DIH, as reported in the DIH catalogue;

  • ICT solution provider of technological RTO (optional). 

EUR 60.000 of funding support
to third parties

EUR 100.000 of funding support
to third parties

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