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Image by Marek Piwnicki


Acoustic AI


NEED for AI:


To detect and alert workers on complex manufacturing actions in real-time. AI enables digitalization, efficiency, and quality control in the manufacturing process.



Developing an acoustic AI tool to detect incomplete electrical click-type plug connections in manufacturing, that aims to increase production yield, decrease faulty products and downtime, and prevent high repair costs and recalls. The tool will be developed by Gable systems BV in the Netherlands and will have a particular high impact in mass production sectors. The tool and dataset will be available on the AI4REGIO on-demand platform.



  • The implementation of the AI-tool will digitalize the manufacturing process of the SME

  • The tool will increase production yield by reducing product failures, repairs, and recalls, resulting in economic impact

  • The tool will improve product quality, maintaining the high quality image of the company, leading to commercial impact

  • The proposed solution may be adaptable to different subjects in different product lines, demonstrating technological impact

Gable Systems BV is a Netherlands-based company specializing in the development of medical devices and sensors.

This experiment involves creating an acoustic AI tool that can identify incomplete electrical connections in click-type plugs, and integrating this tool into our manufacturing process. Workers will receive feedback via human AI interaction. By reducing product failures resulting from faulty electrical connections, this tool will increase production yield, leading to decreased downtime, repair costs, and recall actions.

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