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Image by Aditya Chinchure

AI Drone Warning

Detecting drone manufacturing defects by an AI real-time early warning system

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NEED for AI:

To enable human-AI collaboration to promote a zero-defect policy in a drone manufacturing SME.



Alignement with the Basque Country's DIH manufacturing domain and will contribute to AI4EU with datasets and a use-case of AI solutions for safety in autonomous vehicle manufacturing.



  • Increased system reliability leading to more client satisfaction and references, which can attract new customers.

  • Reduction in manufacturing costs due to improvements in KPI.1 and KPI.2. However, this is a gross estimate as there are different types of accidents and maintenance requirements.

  • Enhancement of the company's digitalization and first step towards fully implementing AI to ensure airworthiness and safety of the aircraft.

FuVex will create an AI real-time warning system that detects defects during validation flights to reduce crashes caused by defects and undetected defects. Additionally, the system will generate a prototype of a flight logs data space to continuously improve the detection capability of defects.

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