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AI Manufacturing for Public Sector


NEED for AI:

To harness the power of open data from the public procurement sector to gain a better understanding of market needs and improve production planning, inventory management, and logistics.



Enhacing the digitalization of manufacturing by combining public sector open data with production planning, inventory management, and logistics and complementing the AI REGIO offering with an AI Asset for smart market forecasting. The solution will be fully integrated with AI REGIO and act as an enabler for enterprises to adapt their complete manufacturing value chain.



  • Will benefit FORCERA's manufacturing clients by providing them with a solution to track expenditure profiles, acquisition history and future commercialization trends from public entities

  • Will leverage public procurement data to help manufacturers better understand market needs and adjust production accordingly, which could have a positive impact on their business

Within AIM4PS the aim is to develop an AI solution called AIM4PS AI Asset that combines historical production data with public procurement open data. The solution will be tested in a representative industrial environment and evaluated using technical and business KPIs. FORCERA, the proponent company, will leverage its technology and experience in public procurement and integration of manufacturing EISs to achieve the project objectives. The experiment aligns with the objectives of the AI REGIO project and addresses the open call for contributions on AI for Manufacturing Applications and AI-on-demand Platforms.

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