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Basque Country


AI-enabled Platform for Zero Defect

(Cabero Lopez, Jose Maria)

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The Basque region DIH, represented by TECNALIA, leading the robotic node and participating in the “Data Driven Solutions” and “Intelligent and Connected Machines” nodes, brings an experiment fitting both nodes.


NEED for AI:

Since the manufacturing processes are already well optimized the implementation of AI solutions in manufacturing industry is not as simple and effective as in other sectors. It is because the benefits are small and on the very long run. Moreover, the initial investment is high due to the complexity and variety of the manufacturing process.



The experiment proposes a holistic tool to applicate and validate AI in manufacturing industry, that SMEs can test. The goal is the application of process optimization using AI in multi-process, multivariable challenges.

During the first part of the project a deeper development will be carried out. Then on the open call experiments, SMEs can test their production challenges in one of these directions:

  • production quality improvement (ZDM)

  • production scheduling optimization (productivity)



Demonstration at SME level that the implementation of AI in manufacturing industry has an impact and improvement on production quality or productivity.

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