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 AI-based Predictive Dynamic Production Planner

(Pep Bruguera @ HOHNER)

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NEED for AI:


Having connected information in real time and with the ability to analyze it, to propose immediate corrections would allow to redirect these conflict situations and modify the priorities avoiding delivery delays to the customer.




In order to solve this issue, Hohner attempts to change to a new dynamic approach based on AI techniques to simultaneously plan and schedule the encoder production based on available assets, labour and plant capacity.

It will improve the efficiency of production and reliability of supplies due to an optimization of the use of manufacturing orders, stock knowledge, human capabilities, and assets availability. It is essential to have processes aligned with the "Factory of the Future", where one of the main vital axes is the smartness.



  • Increase of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of the 10%

  • Reduction of the 10% of the Carrying Cost of Inventory

  • Increase of 10% of the On Time Order KPI

HOHNER55 is a leading manufacturer of incremental and absolute encoders, linear measurement solutions and accessories. Its strategy in recent years is to develop customized encoders with different challenges, adapted to the customers’ requirements. Currently, Hohner’s planning and scheduling of the production process are performed in two separate and successive operations. Differences between their criteria often lead to conflict situations or even opposition between respective goals. In order to prevent productivity loses of about 30-40% and delays in deliveries, this experiment seeks to implement a dynamic planning and scheduling approach.

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