Friuli-Venezia Giulia


 IDSS for predictive quality assurance

(Riccardo Zanelli, COMET)


NEED for AI:

With the current transformation and revolution of manufacturing, actions focused on the improvement of a quality-based innovation ability are needed. Moreover, predicting manufacturing quality is one of the crucial measures for quality management by leveraging AI new solutions and technologies.


The experiment will develop an intelligent learning approach, investigated and compared for manufacturing quality prediction leveraging on new AI-based solutions. The system will allow to identify defects and failures for large series of manufacturing companies, thus early estimating the potential faultiness could help on planning, controlling and executing productive activities in an optimized and predictive manner.


  • production planning and optimization

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA region experiment is focused on the development of an Intelligent DSS for predictive quality assurance. Deep learning is part of machine learning methods that uses multiple layers to extract higher level features from the raw input. It architectures such as deep neural networks and has produced results comparable to and in some cases superior to human experts in a variety of fields.

AI REGIO is a project funded by the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement n° 952003.