A Smart Predictive Maintenance Toolbox

for drawing lines of car body element

NAVARRA region DIH experiment is focused on the development of an intelligent solution for the automatic diagnosis of presses in the stamping process of body parts in the automotive industry.


NEED for AI:

the current process is highly time consuming for expert personnel in the detection and diagnosis of faults that are generated during operation that, if not discovered, cause high reparation costs  and production losses. The aim of AI is to considerably reduce analysis times by making the service much more accessible to end users.


the solution will combine different tools for monitoring, self-diagnosis and decision-making aids to improve the operation of the maintenance team.


  • reduction of the maintenance costs (25%)

  • improvement in the availability of facilities (15%)

  • increase in detected faults (20%)

  • reduction of analysis and diagnosis times (50%)

AI REGIO is a project funded by the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement n° 952003.