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AI REGIO in I4MS Collaboration Meeting

AI REGIO has participated in the first I4MS Collaboration Meeting on 27 of October 2020.


The I4MS initiative’s collaborative meeting was aimed at reinforcing synergies for future collaboration within all participants of the fourth stage of the initiative. During the online meeting the representatives of the EC, I4MS Innovation Actions and partners of the I4MS Coordination and Support Action (CSA)  were able to meet and to learn about the various projects involved.

The event started with the presentation on the framework of I4MS and its linkage with other initiatives by the Deputy Head of Unit of EC DG CONNECT - Anne Marie Sassen. This presentation was followed by Mayte Carracedo, from FundingBox, Project Coordinator of the I4MS CSA, which presented the current running I4MS CSA objectives and the most important activities. 


The results of I4MS Phase 3 Innovation Actions have been presented by AMABLE, MIDIH, CloudiFacturing, L4MS. The project representatives showcased their lessons learned and the best practices based on their experience in last years.


The results of Phase 3 Innovation Actions was followed by new Innovation Actions in Phase 4 of I4MS initiative. AI REGIO was presented by Sergio Gusmeroli, the project coordinator from Politecnico di Milano. He highlighted that the AI REGIO  will connect Digital Innovation Hubs and Competence Centres of 13 involved regions with the aim to provide assistance to  European Manufacturing SMEs on their path to AI-driven digital transformation.


Other Innovation Actions, namely Better Factory, Change2Twin, DIGITbrain, DIH-World, KITT4SME, PULSATE, ​VOJEXT have presented their goals and planned activities.


The following  actions  were determined as a priority and further the CSA will create and develop joint activities based on results of the discussion.

  • Generate awareness on digital ransformation,

  • Provide tools to reach SMEs,

  • Contribute to improve the skills of EU industry workforce,

  • Offer additional mechanisms to support digital transformation,

  • Consolidate I4MS ecosystem.

In conclusion, the Innovation Actions were invited to review the potential synergies between each other to identify the opportunities for collaboration.

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