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Workpackage 1

D1.18 Data Management Plan - Initial Version

D1.16 Open Call Package

Workpackage 2

D2.3 AI REGIO AI DIH and experiments AI Scenarios

D2.1 AI REGIO Requirements Engineering Methodology

Workpackage 3

D3.7 AI REGIO DIH Service Marketplace

D3.3 Collaboration Scenarios for AI REGIO DIHs

D3.5 AI REGIO DIHs Business and Governance

D3.1 Service Portfolio analysis and Customer Journeys

Workpackage 4

D4.7 AI REGIO DIH Platform

D4.3 Data4AI Platform

D4.5 AI4Manufacturing Toolkit

D4.1 Reference Architecture for AI DIH networks

Workpackage 5

D5.7 Industrial and Human data models ontologies

D5.3 AI REGIO Data sovereignty models and solutions

D5.5 Data Quality and Cleansing for AI Applications

D5.1 Collaborative Intelligence and Industry 5.0

Workpackage 6

D6.4 Four Motors and VANGUARD experiments Integrated Open Platform

D6.1 AI REGIO Experiments Plan

Workpackage 7

D7.3 Testing and Experimental Facilities Network

D7.1 Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Framework

Workpackage 8

D8.8 AI REGIO Skills Catalogue and Jobs Certification program

D8.5 AI REGIO Communication material and web social presence

D8.10 AI REGIO Pan-Eu and International cooperation Program

D8.6 Communication material and web social presence

D8.2 Dissemination and Impact Awareness Action Plan

D8.1 Plan for Collaboration

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