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South Netherlands


AI-enabled Operators Assistance through AR

 (Wim Renders @ BRAINPORT)

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NEED for AI:

The current systems are static: all operators are guided with similar instructions. However, there is a great need to make such systems adaptive and self-learning using AI. Dynamic customization of operator guidance based on skill level, performance, errors is needed. To address these, we need insight and objective data acquisition from dynamic effects in the manufacturing process, for instance learning curve, fatigue, and operator feedback.



An adaptive AR support for training and guidance in assembly making use of an AI based adaptive algorithm based on both productivity and quality, as well as operator’s capacity and needs . This system includes Production Correction, Variation and Disturbances, Production Insights and Production Configuration features.



​An adaptive AI based Augmented Reality operator support system for manufacturing companies will increase competitiveness (productivity, quality, flexibility) and will be a solution to their problem of labor shortage. It will stimulate reshoring of production activities, improves added value of operators and development of their skills.

The Brainport experiment is focused on the demonstration of an AI based Hololens (AR) in assembly and operator support systems. The main idea of the experiment is to demonstrate the use of an AI based Hololens to support operators with the assembly of high mix, low volume, high complexity modules, in order to fulfill the product and production requirements.

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